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Renk - 9 Jan 2012

12,000 living in deteriorating conditions in Abayuk camp

There are more than 12,000 people living in Abayuk camp in difficult humanitarian conditions according to reports from Renk, in Upper Nile state, South Sudan.

Sultan Lazarus told Radio Tamazuj that many displaced people have been living in the camp since 2010, waiting to return to different areas in the South.

Lazurus said the people at the camp began arriving to the area from the North before the January 2011 referendum. They have been waiting ever since for a way to take them home to areas in South Sudan, but have lost hope as many roads have been closed.

The source said the only means of transport is by the river and under the supervision of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and International Organization for Migration. But he also said UNHCR has not been operating in the area for some time.

He added the humanitarian situation has deteriorated in the camp due to the influx of returnees from Khartoum, in addition to those displaced from Blue Nile after the recent conflicts.