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BURAM - 22 Mar 2013

17 inmates recaptured after Buram prison break

The police force of Buram locality in South Darfur announced that 17 inmates who escaped from prison on Wednesday were recaptured. A local official disclosed that one of the prisoners was killed during the breakaway.  

Besides announcing his forces recaptured the 17 runaways, police spokesman Maj. Gen. Al Sir Ahmed Omar noted the armed group who freed them caused much “chaos” in the facility during the attack.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, Commissioner Ibrahim Abdullah Saad, said that out of the 59 detainees who initially fled the prison, 15 are facing death penalties. He revealed this incident is the third of its kind at the Buram jail, adding the name of the deceased inmate is Younis Mohamed.

Road robbers stormed a police station in Buram setting free 60 prisoners held at the site, one of whom was killed during the operation. Eyewitnesses said that some 20 insurgents on camels and horses discreetly entered the police station after gathering at the town’s market at 3:00 a.m on Wednesday.

Most of these prisoners were set to receive the final verdict of their sentences on the day they were freed, which included "harsh" rulings such as death or life imprisonment, legal sources explained.

In a separate development, four pro-government militiamen opened fire on a mobile phones’ dealer called Musa Abdul Karim in Nyala, South Darfur’s capital. Karim, who reportedly offers different types of mobile services, died on the spot on Thursday.

The same group shot another citizen in Nyala and took her mobile phone and money. The victim was injured in the assault.

Residents of Nyala have been complaining about the worsening security conditions in the city. Series of kidnappings and lootings against businessmen are causing many of them to leave the town and resettle their dealings in the Sudanese capital.

Sources told Radio Dabanga that perpetrators would in the past kidnap foreign aid workers for ransom. However, after agencies left the state, outlaws started targeting rich merchants instead, they said.