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BUDI - 16 Oct 2020

2 cattle thieves killed in Budi County

Local government authorities in Budi County of South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State say two cattle thieves were killed during an attempted cattle theft in Kikilai Boma on Monday.

Alfred Odong, the Executive Director of Budi County, told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday that the two suspects believed to be from Ikotos County were killed in an ambush by Kikila herders after realizing they were trying to steal cows.

“The cows were drawn back and they came back to Kikilai side. On the way, the two guys came after the cows and people saw them when they were coming after these cows. I think some gentlemen decided to hide beside the road and ambush them. So after these two guys were running after the cattle, immediately these guys killed the two guys," Odong said.

He advised the two communities of Logir and Didinga to maintain peace among themselves as per the Chorokol 2018 agreement.

“These are thieves because they were only two and it is not raiding because raiding involves several people. They were killed in Kikilai three days ago and according to what I heard these are Logir from Mohina,” Alfred Odong added, “We need peace between the two communities.” 

The chief inspector of police in Ikotos County, Mathew Ochan Jacob, confirmed and condemned the incident. He called on the youth to stop being involved in theft and instead work hard to get their needs.

“You know our people, the youth from Lotome, Lofus, Cahari, you know free things from someone will not fill your granary,” Ochan Jacob advised the youth.