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DALAMI - 21 Mar 2013

2 killed, 13 injured in S. Kordofan bombings

At least two civilians were killed and 13 others injured in air strikes by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) on Tuesday at Hadra in Dalami, South Kordofan.

Witnesses from the region told Radio Tamazuj that 8 bombs were dropped, resulting in the death of a woman named Haniyeh  Abdu along with Suleman Saleh, a healthcare professional working in the region.

The bombardment continued for several hours,also resulting in the loss of and damage to livestock, homes and other personal property.

Attacks such as this have created panic in residential areas across South Kordofan, prompting many people to flee populated areas, often residing in caves and enduring poor living conditions.

They speculated that if bombardment of the area of Dalami is to continue, it could prompt a new wave of displacement.