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Pochalla - 30 Sep 2019

9 discharged from hospital after food poisoning in Pochalla

Nine people taken ill after eating relief food in Pochalla County of South Sudan’s Boma State have been discharged from hospital, a local official said.

County Commissioner Tony Thopia Ojulu told Radio Tamazuj Monday that the group was discharged on 23 September after fully recovering.

He added that the local residents, mainly girls, started to feel unwell after eating food distributed by a humanitarian organization in the county headquarters on 19 September.

The commissioner further said those who were hospitalized with suspected food poisoning included a pregnant woman. “I can confirm that they were discharged from hospital on 23 September after they recovered fully,” Toby said.

“After the food distribution exercise on 19 September, it was found that there was one bag containing a substance like poison. After those citizens fell ill, a sample from the bag was taken to Juba and then to Nairobi for laboratory tests, so we are still waiting for the results,” he explained.

Commissioner Thopia pointed out that the relief agency that distributed the food is currently investigating circumstances surrounding the incident.

Pochalla is a hard-to-reach area with no good roads linking it to other areas in South Sudan.