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ABYEI - 4 Aug 2020

Abyei chief administrator orders closure of multiple tax collection points

Kuol Dim Kuol, the chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, has issued an order banning multiple tax collection points on roads to reduce prices in markets.

Kuol, in a statement issued on Monday, stated that the directive to close checkpoints linking Abyei to other cities came after it emerged that illegally imposed taxes were affecting market prices.

"These points are very bad and contributed to the rise in the prices of commodities. We removed these points from Amiet to Thon areas. Any tax collection will be inside Abyei town,” said Kuol.

He added, "The implementation of a new law has challenges, but we will monitor the implementation of orders. There is a force from Warrap State on its way to Abyei to remove these random points."

Kuol said those who violate the administrative order will face the law.

According to the official, prices in Abyei increased thrice when compared to market prices in neighboring Warrap State. He explained that the small bushel of sorghum which costs 6,000 SSP in Abyei is being sold at 1,500 SSP in Warrap.