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JUBA - 7 Aug 2015

Anti-war demonstration inside UNMISS 'Protection Site' in Juba

Residents living in displaced camps under UN protection in the South Sudanese capital Juba yesterday demonstrated against the war and called on the warring parties to stop fighting.

The Former Commissioner of Panyikang County in Upper Nile State, Charles Chol Yuol, played a leading role in the demonstration and spoke of the urgent need for the warring parties to sign a peace agreement by the 17 August deadline set by mediators.

Charles said, “We are demonstrating calling for peace.” He urged the international community to help bring peace for the people of South Sudan whom he said are tired of the ongoing war.

“You see now, you will find that the counties, payams and bomas that are devastated by war, there is constant death and suffering.” Charles was the Panyikang Commissioner from 2004 to the end of 2007.

The demonstrators chanted, “Yes, yes, yes for peace” and “no no no to war.”

No for war.mp3