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Babanusa - 27 Feb 2012

Babanusa citizens demand better services from state governor

Citizens of Babanusa in South Kordofan organised a sit-in to protest against the lack of response to demands they made to the governor of the state, Ahmed Haroun last week.

A witness said more than 2,000 citizens participated in a meeting held yesterday afternoon, to discuss their response to the state.

The governor had said he could not currently respond to their demands.

Participants at the meeting decided unanimously to protest this morning outside the locality's administration headquarters.

The witness said the sit-in lasted for three hours, and included many citizens of the region, including traders and shop keepers that decided to shut their shops during the protest.

He said the protests will resume next Thursday morning, and citizens will continue to engage in civil disobedience in the first half of the week if authorities do not respond to their demands.

Ciitizens are demanding an improvement in the delivery of services to the area including, health, water, electricity and education, as well as restarting development projects that have stopped.

They are also asking for completion of the road that leads from Babanusa to El Muglad.

Last week, youth groups in Babanusa handed a memorandum to Ahmed Haroun calling for better services.