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BOR - 6 Jan 2016

Bieh State governors in Jonglei for peace campaign

Three of the four governors of the area which was South Sudan's Jonglei state have arrived in Bor for a peace meeting.

Philip Aguer, the governor of the newly truncated Jonglei State, welcomed Eastern Bieh governor Peter Bol Kong and James Kok Ruei of Western Bieh state. The Bieh governors, both Nuer, were accompanied by former Jonglei governor John Kong in the trip and met at the airport by citizens of the state.

Boma governor Beda Medan Konyi was not in attendance reportedly due to a meeting with President Salva Kiir over his appointment and the dismissal of former Greater Pibor administrator David Yau Yau.

Kok of Western Bieh said the communities of greater Jonglei must embrace peace and leave the past behind for the development of their new territories. The Jonglei region comprises multiple ethnicities, including various Nuer groups, Dinka Bor, Murle, Anyuak, and others.

“There is nothing we have come with but just the message of peace, and we are working with our brothers from the SPLM-IO who have come to Juba, who will soon come to the states like Jonglei, they must come so that you the local people will see the peace we have started in Juba,” Kok said.

Former governor Kong said: “It is me to welcome all of you into this leadership of the states, because I have seen how these people are, and you will need to deliver more services than ever, and you have a lot to do in the people whose peace of mind has been robbed by war, please serve your people with unity, and you are welcome."

Former director general of Jonglei state media Daniel Deng Yok said the event was a symbol of peace but he lamented the absence of the Boma governor.

Photo: Fangak (Medair)