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BOR - 16 Oct 2019

Bodaboda operations suspended in Bor

Police authorities in Jonglei State on Monday suspended operations of all commercial motorcycles also known locally as boda-boda, after a foreign motorcycle operator was attacked in Bor town.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Sunday, the acting state police commissioner, Chol Achiek Deng, said the ban on commercial motorcycle operations in Bor town will restore calm and order.

 “There have been attacks on foreign motorists by a group of local residents demanding that those foreigners quit the business. This created chaotic situations for weeks. So as a result, we suspended all commercial motorcycles and arrested some ringleaders,” he said.

 Achiek pointed out that the commercial motorcycles will resume their operation after a body tasked to oversee the affairs of motorists has been formed.

 “With this crackdown, we want all commercial motorcycles registered. We want them to be organized and form a body that will be responsible for them. The body shall include foreigners because we want them to work together,” Achiek explained.

 But the suspension was not well received by the locals in Bor.

 Ajou Bol, a fuel dealer, said he has incurred huge losses since Monday.

“Our businesses have seriously been affected. No one buys fuel. So we want the boda-boda operators and the government to agree on their issues to enable us survive,” he said.

Another motorcycle operator, only identified as Khamis, said he was unable to meet family expenses ever since he stopped operating. He urged the state government to allow them to resume their operation.

Mary Aluel, a Bor resident, said she reaches her work place late after commercial motorcycles were suspended as public transport means are lacking in Bor.

She called on the state government to resolve the issue as soon as possible.