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RENK - 12 Feb 2013

Border clashes: Bebeniss allegedly attacked again

South Sudanese forces repulsed an attack by Sudanese forces for the second Sunday in a row at Bibeniss on the county’s eastern frontier with Blue Nile State, according to the Renk County commissioner.

Guot Akoi, the Renk County Commissioner, said that the SPLA repulsed an attack in the eastern part of the county, but did not give further details.

The commissioner had predicted after the bombings there on 3 February that there would be more fighting in the area.

In an interview, he again accused the Sudanese government of making military deployments across the border from his county, in the neighboring states of White Nile, Sennar and Blue Nile.

Map by UN-OCHA. No endorsement of any boundary claims implied. 

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