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PANYUME - 29 Nov 2019

Civil-military dialogue calls for peace in Morobo

A civil-military relations dialogue held in Morobo County of Yei River State ended on Wednesday with calls for the speedy implementation of the peace agreement to promote peaceful-co-existence at the community levels.

Community leaders, women, youth, local government officials, religious leaders, and members of the military representing the government and the opposition SPLA-IO forces attended the dialogue held in Panyume village.

Organized by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in partnership with Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), the dialogue aimed at building confidence and trust among the citizens to ensure they know of the 100 days pre-transitional period extension.

James Duku, a representative of area civilians, said the dialogue will help enhance the relationship between the civilians and the military to support the implementation of the peace deal.

 “I am happy because this military-civil relations dialogue will promote confidence between the civilians and the military. This means we shall continue living together in peace and harmony,” said Duku.

He added, “I call on UNMISS and its partners to continue conducting similar dialogues in other parts of the state so that we all walk together”.

Brigadier Chol Wol, who spoke on behalf of the military during the dialogue, described the relationship between the military and civilians as cordial and peaceful.

“Our relationship with civilians is good with no problems. We are also in good working relationship with county commissioners, the state government of SPLA-IO, military officials and civilians from the government side,” said Wol.

He added, “We have been communicating and coordinating things together and that means we are in peace with one another and our demand is the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement”.

The acting SPLA-IO governor for the state, David Lisi reiterated the armed opposition’s commitment to fully support the implementation of the revitalized peace deal.

James Mugo, UNMISS team leader in the state, pledged commitment towards promoting peace and reconciliation in both government and SPLA-IO areas in order to restore confidence and peaceful co-existence in the state.

“On the military-civil relations dialogue, we looked and discussed issues and recommendations on access, protection of civilians and their properties. It is our commitment to promote peaceful co-existence in both the SPLA-IO and the government controlled areas,” said Mugo.

This was the first civil-military dialogue organized in the area.