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JUBA - 12 Jul 2016

Civil society activists call for national mourning over Juba violence

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization is calling for three days of national mourning after fighting between SPLA and SPLA-IO in the national capital left hundreds dead.

CEPO called the last five days of violence “dark days for the citizens of Juba and our soldiers.”

In a press release this morning, the group called on President Salva Kiir to declare three days national mourning starting from today, saying that this would “make the citizens mourn their lost ones and recover from the trauma.”

This week Friday and Sunday should be dedicated by the religious leaders for praying for the nation's peace and stability, the press release adds.

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO, says that the declaration of national mourning is essential after “horrible experiences” over the last five days in Juba .

“Declaring national mourning will help the citizens to recover and start new beginning,” said Yakani.

“In honorable and kindly manner, Your Excellency President, CEPO is urging your leadership to declare three days national mourning and let the national flag fly at half raise.”

CEPO in partnership with South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Comission tomorrow at 11am at Juba Regency Hotel will hold a press conference about the call for national mourning.

File photo: Edmund Yakani