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YEI - 20 Nov 2019

Civil society bodies urge NGOs in Yei to partner

Civil society activists have urged indigenous Non-Governmental Organizations in South Sudan’s Yei River State to partner with international NGOs.

Kenyi Elisa, an activist with a community-based human rights entity, told Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday that the impact of international humanitarian and governance NGOs is not being felt at the grassroots level, despite their presence.

“Activities that are supposed to be implemented by local NGOs, international organizations directly come to implement them on the ground instead of working through local organizations,” Kenyi said.

He added, “We demand that all the funding be channeled through the civil society organizations because we know what people in our communities need better than they do”.

Kenyi urged the relevant authorities to develop policies that regulate international NGOs and empower indigenous ones.

Justoson Victor, the Executive Director for People’s Empowerment Center, a local NGO based in Yei River State, urged international organizations and the government to value the role played by local NGOs.

He emphasized the importance of strategic plans to achieve sustainable development goals. “All countries around the world are working towards achieving the sustainable development goals. Government and partners need to develop plans for working with local NGOs to reach communities,” Victor said.

Currently, there are more than 30 civil society organizations and community-based organizations operating in Yei River State.