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RAJA - 2 Oct 2019

Conflict forcing children to live on streets in Raja: official

Many children have been forced by conflict to live on the streets in Raja area of Lol State, a local official said.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the state minister for gender and social welfare, Linda Edris Jango said the conflict has affected many communities, adding the number of street children is on the rise in the area.

She pointed out that the education system is affected and some schools closed.

Children in the area of Raja are in need of urgent help from the government, humanitarian agencies and people of goodwill, she said.

The official further said no cases of gender-based violence are reported due to cultural practices, but most commonly reported are cases of early marriage.

She said authorities are working hard to ensure children go back to schools, but urged partners to support and rescue the situation before the number of street children increases further.

President Salva Kiir, opposition leader Machar and other opposition groups, entered into a peace accord last September. Kiir and Machar agreed earlier this month to accelerate the agreement prior to the formation of the transitional government on November 12.