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YAMBIO - 24 Sep 2015

Council of Churches organizes peace prayers in Yambio

The South Sudan Council of Churches has organized a prayer event in Yambio scheduled for today, following numerous violent incidents in the state and a tragic tanker accident.

Angelina Theophilus Lege, an intercessor with the Council of Churches says the prayers will be held in honour of the people of Western Equatoria who have endured tragedy and insecurity in recent days. 

Lege says the event will also pay recognition to the signing of the peace agreement. “We as the Council of Churches, it is a privilege for us to pray together with the people of Western Equatoria for all the crisis they have been going through so that we can rise together for peace,” she said.

Speaking on Radio Miraya, she added, “We need peace. Though it has been signed, we have not seen it being implemented... That is why we decided to come to Western Equatoria to encourage ourselves and have peace in our midst.” 

In other news from Western Equatoria, the acting governor Sapana Abui has launched a seven - kilometer road maintenance project in Yambio County.

Speaking at the launch, the Acting Minister of Physical Infrastructure Gibson Bullen Wande commended the state government for financing the road maintenance activity, Radio Miraya reported.

“It is not all that rehabilitation of the road but spots filling to make sure that people are able to access or to pass by. The first important thing is to fill the bad spots which are difficult for pedestrians to use or even those with motorbikes and even the vehicles,” he said.

“We are hoping that may be with this beginning, the national government will try to come in because this is a trunk road which is their responsibility but because we are the ones using it, we felt at least we need to do some small maintenance to enable us at least to be free to move.”

File photo: Christian youths in northern Unity State (Radio Tamazuj)