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WANYJOK - 4 Dec 2019

Cross-border conference concludes in Wanyjok town

A conference to review inter-communal relations during the last migration season of the Misseriya nomads in Aweil East State concluded in Wanyjok town last Thursday with several recommendations.

More than 400 delegates from the Dinka Malual and Misseriya tribes attended the three-day meeting.

The paramount chief of the Dinka Malual community, Peter Makuach Makuach told Radio Tamazuj that the event ended with recommendations to help manage future relations towards peaceful coexistence.

“All what we agreed upon have been recorded,” he said.

For his part, Ali Marek, the Misseriya community representative said challenges facing both sides have been minimized. “The conference mainly discussed the future of the two communities. All of them agreed that if anything happens, the border peace committees from the Dinka Malual and Misseriya shall settle the matter,” he explained.

The Northern Bahr el Ghazal region peace coordinator, William Kolong Pioth said the peace conference came up with new recommendations that will control pastoralist groups from both Dinka Malual and Misseriya communities.

The conference, Kolong said, agreed that the Misseriya pastoralists will use Majok-Madhol and Madhol-Twich routes.

Other recommended routes are Malith-Alek and Yai-Wanyjok, he added.

The conference, among others, also recommended that the Dinka Malual and Misseriya should expose and present criminals for accountability in order to minimize conflict, encourage trade between them, halt the cutting of trees and promote inter-marriages between them.

The conference was organized by South Sudan Peace Commission with funding from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other partners.