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Khartoum - 20 Mar 2012

Darfuri lawyers supporting 'four freedoms' nationality agreement

The Darfur Bar Association is supporting the recently reached agreement by Juba and Khartoum on nationality for citizens of both countries.

The ability to reach a nationality agreement gives greater chance to address the other outstanding issues following the secession of South Sudan, said a statement by the association.

The 'four freedoms' agreement was signed last week between Khartoum and Juba to allow 'freedom of residence, freedom of movement, freedom to undertake economic activity and freedom to acquire and dispose property' for citizens of both countries.

The parties must stick to the agreement and begin enforcing the 'four freedoms' particularly the Sudanese government who have developed a habit of backing out of agreements, continued the statement.

'Sudan continues to suffer from National Congress Party policies that led to the secession of South Sudan and armed opposition in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile.'

'The emergence of new movements and economic deterioration may lead to the rupturing of the rest of the country,' warned the Darfuri lawyers.