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JUBA - 28 Oct 2015

Document: Minutes of the Permanent Security Workshop

The parties to the August 2015 peace agreement have all signed a document detailing how they will implement the permanent ceasefire and security provisions of the agreement.

SPLM-IO rebel group initially declined to sign the minutes of the Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Workshop held 13-18 September but they have done so belatedly this week.

The signed version aviailable for download below details some agreements on withdrawal of forces.

For instance, SPLA have agreed to withdraw from Galachel in Upper Nile State to Baliet and SPLA-IO on the same front have agreed to withdraw to Gome.

Also in Upper Nile, the SPLA-IO agreed to withdraw their forces around Lelo and Walwok to Ogod and Owachi respectively.

The SPLA agreed to withdraw from Wajwok and concentrate forces in Lelo, provided that ceasefire monitors physically monitor Wajwok to prevent occupation by SPLA-IO or other militia forces.

In Juba, the Presidential Guard shall be limited to 1,000 plus 250 for musical band and ceremonial personnel. Th First Vice President's Protection Detail will be limited to 300.

The National Security Service shall not wear security force uniforms or military uniforms while inside the 25 km zone around Juba and may only carry side arms (pistols) while other weapons must remain inside armories.

The SPLA may keep 5,000 troops inside Juba to guard barracks, bases and warehouses. These forces are permitted to carry small arms including rifles and pistols but not heavier weapons. They may not carry weapons when off-duty and outside their duty station.

Minutes of Security Workshop.pdf