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DUK PAGAK - 1 Dec 2019

Duk Pagak youth rescue four abducted girls

Local youth in Duk Pagak County of Jonglei State have rescued four girls abducted by armed men, a local official said.

Last week, the authorities said at least four girls were abducted in a road ambush carried out by an armed group on the outskirts of Duk Pagak County.

Duk Pagak County Commissioner James Yien Jal told Radio Tamazuj on Friday that the abducted girls were rescued on Tuesday after spending four days with their adductors.

He further said one person was injured during the rescue mission. The local official pointed out that the county is calm, despite the incident.

The communities of greater Jonglei state have for long been wrangling leading to cattle raids and child abductions.