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BABANUSA - 8 Feb 2013

El-Fula clashes: Capacity building peace workshop in Babanusa

A capacity building workshop held in Babanusa for those participating in an upcoming peace conference drew to a close yesterday.

Held at the Peace University, it was designed to raise the capacity of those involved in an upcoming conference to reconcile the Awlad Heiban and Awlad Surur Misseriya clans.  Taking place in El Daein, East Darfur state, the conference will open on February 21st in an attempt to resolve any outstanding issues.

The workshop was attended by civil administrators, heads of the government institutions as well as women and youth leaders in Babanusa.  Participants confirmed their adherence to a previously signed agreement which called for the conference.

Disputes between the Awlad Heiban and Awlad Surur clans recently culminated in the death of 17 people and the injury of many more in el-Fula, South Kordofan.

Arrests of those involved in the deadly clashes were announced on the 29th of January by Abdul Hamid Musa Kasha, former governor of South Darfur state and chairman of the tribal reconciliation commission.

Photo: Babanusa workshop