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RADIO TAMAZUJ - 30 Oct 2015

Explaining S Sudan's peace deal (20): What is the Special Reconstruction Fund?

'Focus on the Agreement' is a new daily segment broadcast on Radio Tamazuj to explain the contents of the peace deal signed in August 2015 between South Sudan's warring parties.

In our previous episode we discussed the obligations of the warring parties regarding humanitarian access and the rights of displaced people. Today we look at the question of rebuilding South Sudan following the devastation of war.

Chapter 3, Article 2 of the peace agreement is about the establishment of a Special Reconstruction Fund.

The supporters of this fund include friendly countries that have pledged to help South Sudan recover from the war.

The fund will be administered by a committee consisting of 23 members, including representatives of the World Bank, the African Development Bank, European Union, the African Union, China, the United States, Norway, the United Kingdom, and from South Sudan's ministries of finance, health and education, as well as representatives from Equatoria, Bahr al Ghazal and greater Upper Nile.

The chairman will belong to one of the international organizations or foreign countries, and the deputy chairman will belong to South Sudan's ministry of finance.

This board will be established within one month of the start of the transitional period, in other words in December this year, and will begin its work to assess the priorities for reconstruction.

The board will be assisted by a team of local and international experts. They will make a plan for assisting conflict-affected states and other areas. The plan must include assistance for returnees and displaced and families affected by the conflict, according to the agreement.

The expenses of the fund will be shared by the government and the foreign donors. South Sudan's national government will be required to provide not less than $100 million per year throughout the transitional period.

Tomorrow we will look at Chapter 4, Article 2 of the agreement, which his about institutional reforms.

Photo: A UN laboratory in Malakal destroyed by a stray rocket