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RADIO TAMAZUJ - 6 Oct 2015

Explaining the S Sudan peace agreement (6): What will happen to Wani Igga?

'Focus on the Agreement' is a new daily segment broadcast on Radio Tamazuj to explain the contents of the peace deal signed in August 2015 between South Sudan's warring parties.

Yesterday we explained the functions of the president and 1st vice president. Today we look at the role of the Vice President James Wani Igga.

The Role of Vice President James Wani Igga

Under the terms of the peace agreement, South Sudan will now have two vice presidents. The first vice president will be nominated by the armed opposition while the current vice president will serve as the second vice president.

Chapter 1, Article 7 of the peace agreement explains that James Wani will supervise all of the national commissions. He will also serve as a member of the National Security Council.

He will also perform other duties assigned by the president, for example, chairing sub-committees of the council of ministers.

Meanwhile, Chapter 1 Articles 8 and 9 of the agreement are about the decision-making processes within the executive of the government. This part of the agreement explains that the president, vice president and second vice president shall discuss peacefully with each other to make decisions.

In the event that they cannot agree, the matter may be decided by a two-thirds vote of the Council of Ministers.