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RADIO TAMAZUJ - 7 Oct 2015

Explaining the S Sudan peace agreement (7): How many cabinet ministers for each party?

'Focus on the Agreement' is a new daily segment broadcast on Radio Tamazuj to explain the contents of the peace deal signed in August 2015 between South Sudan's warring parties.

In the last episode we looked at the role of the Vice President James Wani Igga. Today we explain the power-sharing ratios in the cabinet.

How many ministers for each party?

Chapter 1, Article 10.1 of the peace agreement explains the number of ministers given to each party. It also says that number of ministers shall be 30 and this number shall not be increased during the Transitional Period.

Out of these 30 ministries, the current ruling party will take 53%, which is 16 ministries.

The armed opposition led by Riek Machar will take 33% of the ministries, which is 10 ministers.

The SPLM Former Detainees will take 7% of the ministries, which is two ministers.

The other political parties will take 7% of the ministries, which is two ministries.

In the next episode we will explain how these ministries will be divided – in other words, which party will take which ministry.