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MAGWI - 13 Jan 2020

Government troops arrive in Owiny-Kibul training centre

Over 600 troops from the South Sudanese government on Saturday arrived in Owiny-Kibul military training centre in Magwi County of Torit State.

The process of gathering government and opposition forces into military training camps with a view to forming a unified army is a cornerstone of the peace agreement.

The transportation of troops to the military training sites is being carried out by the Joint Military Ceasefire Commission (JMCC), a security mechanism responsible for oversight and coordination of forces in cantonment sites and military barracks.

Brig. Gen. Kornelio Abelle, the JMCC team leader for Eastern Equatoria, told Radio Tamazuj that 657 government forces have already moved to Owiny-Kibul military training camp.

“Those forces are from Infantry Cobra Division 7 under the command of Brigadier General Luka Obwaha Ausilio, they were taken to Owiny-Kibul on Saturday morning,” Abelle explained.

The army general further said government and opposition forces will undergo military trainings together to come a professional unified force. Abelle pointed out that the training of the unified forces in the Owiny-Kibul centre would begin today.

 “They will be unified and they will work together during the formation of the unity government as stipulated in the peace agreement. Opposition forces are already in Owiny-Kibul training centre, “he added.

The JMCC team leader urged both government and opposition troops to work together for peace and stability in the country.

The preparations to train the unified forces come as a 22 February deadline approaches to form a transitional unity government.