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Kadugli - 12 Apr 2012

Haroun denies South Sudan claim of taking over Heglig

South Kordofan governer Ahmed Haroun denies South Sudanese Armed Forces' (SSAF) claims of taking control over Heglig. He told the Sudan News Agency today the Sudanese government should send a 'painful' message to the South. He said South Sudan should suffer and learn their lesson.

Haroun said there is still heavy fighting going on in Heglig and the SSAF therefore can impossibly claim to control the area. He claims the Sudanese army is growing stronger every day and that the 'enemy should be cleared out from Heglig'.

The coming hours in Heglig will be decisive, according to the South Kordofan governer: 'only when the fighting is completely over will we know the final results of the clashes in Heglig'.

The South Sudan Armed Forces claimed yesterday to have taken full control over Heglig. Philip Aguer, spokesman of the Southern army, said their offensive started after the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) attacked them in Tashwin, a border town between Sudan and South Sudan.

In response to the Heglig fighting, the Sudanese government asked the UN Security Council to strongly condemn the ‘Southern occupation’ of Heglig.