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KUAJOK - 20 Nov 2020

Ivory Bank pledges to support the vulnerable as it opens doors in Kuajok

Ivory Bank has officially opened a branch in Warrap state capital Kuajok, with its officials promising to empower women and youth through loans. 

Kuajok has been lacking banking services since the closure of the Kenya Commercial Bank in 2017 following an economic crisis caused by the conflict.

"We are delighted today as Ivory Bank to have Kuajok Branch opened by Honorable Governor Bona Panek Biar. Ivory Bank is one of the leading banking institutions in South Sudan. Ivory offers a variety of financial services and opportunities to its clients. Today you are the first clients, you have registered and have your checkbooks, so more we hope will follow," Ivory Bank General Manager Buruna Siricio said during the launch.

Siricio noted that with the opening of the banks' Kuajok branch, they now have 10 branches across the country.

"The bank’s efforts are dedicated to the facilitation of investment in the country's productive sectors to stimulate sustainable economic growth and development. The bank will not lend directly to individuals promoters of business, individuals will, however, be able to get small loans, small loans especially for women and youth because this is the sector we want to encourage to be involved in business," the bank official said.

Siricio underscored the need for cooperation and support from the state government for the bank's survival and for it to continue serving the population.

Warrap state governor, Bona Panek Biar, who officiated the opening ceremony applauded the bank and assured his support. He also urged the bank to offer job opportunities to the local population.

He said, "The bank creates opportunities, one of the opportunities is service delivery and service delivery comes with job opportunities. I know the bank will take the qualified people from here, they will not bring people from outside. This is the benefit of such institution opened in Warrap state."

The chairperson of the Warrap state chamber of commerce Akec Mayar welcomed the move saying many traders who had closed shop will return to do business in the town.

Ivory Bank is the leading local bank in the country, founded in 1994 by a group of South Sudanese business people to serve the banking needs of the people and businesses of South Sudan.