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JUBA - 4 Dec 2019

Jubek government warns citizens against land grabbing

Photo: Jubek Information Minister Juma Stephen
Photo: Jubek Information Minister Juma Stephen

Authorities of Jubek State have vowed they would not tolerate land grabbing by citizens, which is common in the capital Juba.

Speaking to reporters in Juba on Monday, the state information minister, Juma Stephen said the state government will not tolerate land grabbings, pointing out that land can only be acquired through the proper procedures.

“Only the ministry of physical infrastructure and the county commissioner are legally allowed to distribute land to the public when there is need,” he explained.

Juma cautioned the public not to be misled by wrong information, adding that the Jubek government would do all that is necessary to ensure that residency is not a problem.

“But we are discouraging the illegal way of grabbing land,” he said.

Juma further said when the security committee visited areas around Juba it found out that “criminals” illegally sell land. He clarified that the ongoing demolition along the Juba-Nimule highway only targets empty houses and about 85% of the exercise has been completed.

Col. Daniel Justin Boula, Spokesman of South Sudan Police Service, said the police found several people selling land illegally to citizens along the Juba-Nimule road.

“Measurers will be taken against those who sell land without following the proper procedures, especially those who call themselves chiefs. The government is working to allocate land to citizens in a proper way, “he said.

“The government also doesn’t encourage one community to come and stay in one residential area,” he added.

Clashes were reported at Juba’s Buduge area during a demolition exercise on Monday.  The clashes erupted after organized forces intervened to assist the demolition committee members who were demolishing the houses.

The transitional constitution states that all land is owned by the people of South Sudan, and tasks the government with regulating land tenure, land use and exercise of rights to land.