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KAPOETA - 15 Oct 2020

Kenyan man commits suicide by hanging in Kapoeta

A 40-year-old Kenyan man committed suicide by hanging himself on Wednesday morning in Kapoeta Town of Eastern Equatoria State.

According to police authorities, the deceased identified as Frederick Mumbai previously opened two cases against a South Sudanese man who allegedly impregnated his South Sudanese wife.

Anthony Adil Juma, the director of police in the now-defunct Kapoeta State spoke to Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday, “He wore a rope around his neck and killed himself on Wednesday morning. He is a businessman for a very long time here in Kapoeta and is even married to a woman from here. They have a kid of two years. He had traveled recently and upon his return, he found that his wife got pregnant with someone.”

Adil said the deceased then opened a police case against the man who impregnated his wife and three days later reported to the police that the man was seen in bed with his wife on social media, with photographs to prove.

The police officer wondered why the deceased resorted to committing suicide despite having reported the matter to the police and the suspect arrested by the police. 

“Currently, the suspect is in police custody. We arrested this woman earlier and was released on bail. The woman and the suspect are all south Sudanese, so we have a case and we will wait for the relatives to see what they will do,” he added.

The medical director of Kapoeta civil hospital Dr. Mustafa Lokuru, said medical reports indicate the man killed himself by hanging. 

“He was brought after they found him dead. He died of the rope he used for hanging himself. Currently, his body is still in the mortuary as the Kenyan community is still contributing to taking his body to Kenya”, Dr. Mustafa affirmed.