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RUMBEK - 10 Sep 2015

Lakes State sports association promoting peace with new football matches

Rumbek Youth Sports Association (RYSA) has opened football matches this week in the state capital Rumbek under the theme “Giving peace and youth a sporting chance.”

The opening games were between Future Generation United and Nyat-tiikangui, and Kodit and RYSA United.

In his opening remarks, the chairperson of Rumbek Youth Sports Association, Riel Majok Manyiel said, and the organization is a non-political organization funded by Norwegian People's Aid (NPA).

He pointed out that the main objective is to change attitudes from the culture of violence to a culture of peace and all of the participants are from different backgrounds. He said the RYSA was imparting its message in part through T-shirts promoting peace.

Riel said that the organization has also formed a drama team to deliver peace messages to the different communities in Lakes State to stop violence. He urged the communities of Lakes State to understand and to promote peace and reconciliation within the state's communities.

File photo: South Sudan national team supporters in Juba