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JUBA - 21 Mar 2013

Lam Akol claims ‘SPLM-DC has no troops’

South Sudanese opposition party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC), denied again yesterday that they have any fighters along the border with Sudan, and accused South Sudan’s ruling party, the SPLM, of mounting false accusations.

Lam Akol Ajawein, the chairman of SPLM-DC, said in an interview with Radio Tamazuj that it’s ‘impossible’ for his party to have military wing along the border and it is ‘only a political party’ with no milita involvement.

“I know that the Sudanese community is a community without secrets, an open community and it’s impossible for a political party like SPLM-DC, a party which exists in both Sudan and South Sudan, to have armed forces and not be known. So you should know that it’s political propaganda that the SPLM used in order to put a bad image on SPLM-DC, the only party competing with SPLM in South Sudan,” Akol stated.

He pointed out that the recent security agreement between the two nations does not allow either side to harbour rebels, and expressed his wish that both countries show willingness to implement these in order to ensure stability and security for the people on both sides of the border.

Lam Akol has previously been linked by local witnesses and other sources to militias in Sudan’s Kordofan region although this has not been verified.

Photo: Lam Akol Ajawein, chairman of SPLM-DC (


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