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JUBA - 25 Sep 2015

Lam Tungwar calls for peace implementation in Unity State

The Minister of Youth and Culture in Unity State, Lam Tungwar Kueigwong, says that it is time for officials to “speak to the people” of the state and the military encouraging them to embrace peace and accept implementaion of the new peace agreement. His remarks come after a meeting with President Salva Kiir and other state officials on Wednesday.

The compromise peace agreement signed by President Salva Kiir in section I.15.1 mandates that the opposition will nominate a new governor of Unity State, which means that the current governor Joseph Nguen Monytuil is unlikely to keep his position if the deal is to be implemented. Opposition groups will also take 54% of the ministerial positions in the state cabinet (40% for SPLM-IO, 7% for SPLM-FD and 7% for other political parties).

Nonetheless, the state youth minister says that he supports implementation of the agreement in the state.

“We touched on many issues including the loopholes in the just signed agreement which might affect the state and how they can be managed at all levels, from national to the other states,” Lam said of his meeting with Kiir. “However, now it's time for us the Unity State senior officials to go down and speak to the people, military and civil servants to embark to work and develop the state as we work towards the implementation of the peace agreement under the TGoNU and under the President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.”

The minister, a former musician, disclosed that the meeting with Kiir was also attended by Deputy Governor of Unity State Mabek Lang and Finance Minister Weitui Luony. They conveyed also messages from Governor Monytuil. According to Lam, the president assured the delegation of his support for the state “which defeated the rebels and dislodge them in all counties of the state.”

Lam said that the delegation further congratulated the president on the recent signing of the peace agreement and reaffirmed their support and loyalty to him.