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BUL - 18 Oct 2019

Lightning strike kills livestock in Bul areas: official

Goats and cows died on the spot after being struck by lightning in greater Bul Counties of Northern Liech State, a local official said.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Thursday, Bul South County Commissioner David Machot said a total of 37 goats and 28 cows were killed by lightning strike in Bul West County on Thursday  morning.

Livestock are main sources of income for many communities in South Sudan.

Separately, Commissioner Machot said that many families have been displaced by floods in Greater Bul areas, following heavy rains that have been pounding the area for several days.

Machot further said flood victims mainly from Bul South County were left in the cold after their houses were submerged by flood waters. “We are in a bad condition after a heavy downpour in my county,” he said.

The local official called on the government and aid agencies for support. “Residents of Bul South County are suffering, so we urgently need medicines and tents,” he said.