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JUBA - 15 Jul 2016

Local groups condemn acts of violence, call for freedom of movement

Civil society groups in South Sudan have condemned attacks of violence that took place in Juba last week, and are urging the government to allow people to leave the country if they want. 

At a press conference on Thursday, Chuol Rambang, the Chairman of the South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission, asked for the support of the international community, saying they should not wait until it's too late.

“We would like to call upon the international community to come into the intervention of the people of Juba town because after this crisis people lost a lot of property, food and other items. Therefore, there is a need of immediate intervention for relief for food and non food items”, he said. “We urge the principals to the peace agreement that there is a need for them to come and arrange for the way forward,”

Yesterday evening, the government announced that its workers must report to their jobs. Some banks and shops have opened, but the road going to the state house is blocked by some soldiers.

Father James Oyet also urged an end to violence, and said that leaders must have control over their men in uniform to avoid further bloodshed. He said people of South Sudan need peace.

“The leaders of the churches in South Sudan are extremely disturbed about the situation spreading," Oyet said. “We make no judgment as the church to how or why it occurred or who to blame but we note with concern that there had been number of incidents recently and that tension may continue increasing"

The government must be held responsible for the looting and ongoing killing, Betty Sunday, a women’s representative in South Sudan said.

“What is their vision taking us to? Is this why they liberated this country, is this why we have our independence as South Sudanese so to come and scatter us all over around?” she said. "We need their to response to the citizens”,

Edmund Yakani, another civil society activist added that the government should give freedom of movement for those who want to leave.