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TORIT - 9 Sep 2019

Magwi County commissioner vows to prioritize peace

Magwi commissioner David Otto (Radio Tamazuj)
Magwi commissioner David Otto (Radio Tamazuj)

The newly appointed commissioner for Magwi County in South Sudan’s Torit State has vowed to prioritize peace and security in the county.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj in Torit town on Thursday, Commissioner David Otto Remson said peace is the only solution for the people.

“Peace is the only measure I am going to carry for my county because there is no home or any country that can develop without peace,” he said.

Otto vowed to visit all payams to acquaint himself with challenges the payams are facing. “My first priority when I reach Magwi is to tour all payams of the county,” he said.

Otto further said he believes the national dialogue initiative will solve cattle-related conflicts in the area.

Appointed on August 24, Otto is the seventh commissioner of Magwi.