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TORIT EAST - 14 Aug 2019

Man killed along Torit-Hiyalla road

A man was killed and his body found on Torit-Hiyalla road in Torit East County on Sunday, a local official said.

The county commissioner, Tobby Majak told Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday that Ambrose Omunu’s body was found near Idolu Bridge. He said Omunu had left Haforiere village on July 17 for Torit town.

Majak accused armed robbers of carrying out killings on the road.

“On August 11, people from Haforiere village went in search for the man and found his dead body at about 3:00 pm at a place where criminals usually attack people,” he explained.

Majak, however, said it is difficult to tell where the attackers came from, but added that information on the incident is being gathered.

“We are trying to gather some information because it has taken so long. We shall identify the attackers. There have been many attacks in the area. Four attacks have so far occurred in the area,” he said.

The official urged citizens in the three villages of Mura, Tirangore and Haforiere take precaution about the security along Torit-Hiyalla road.