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MAGWI - 12 Feb 2020

Man kills wife in Magwi County

A 65-year-old man killed his wife in Magwi County of Torit state on Sunday, a local official said.

The county director for gender, Rosemary Amal, told Radio Tamazuj Tuesday that Lino Ochiti strangled Christine Lakot, 45, to death, but alleged the woman died due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

The local official said both Lakot and Ochiti were under the influence of alcohol. “The man and his wife slept in the same house and at night, the man twisted the wife’s neck until it broke. The man insisted his wife was drunk, but from hospital, it was confirmed that the woman’s neck was broken,” said Amal.

Amal condemned the incident, stressing that excessive consumption of alcohol causes continuous gender-based violence.

For his part, Magwi County Commissioner Otto David Remson confirmed the woman’s death, urging the local community to desist from excessive alcohol consumption.

“This is violence that occurred due to the excessive consumption of alcohol in the area. Police went to the area and an investigation is still going on,” he explained.

Otto said the suspect is still in police custody.