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AWEIL - 12 Feb 2013

Mine in South Sudan kills 6 Misseriya cows

Six cows owned by Misseriya Arab herders were killed by a mine in Warguet Payam during their southward migration. The cattle were moving along one of the agreed routes in territory of the Dinka Malual.

Manut Yel, the officer-in-charge at Warawar, told Radio Tamazuj that the recent tribal conference between the Dinka Malual and Misseriya resulted in an agreement to allow the Misseriya nomads to the areas of Warguet, Greentea and Majok Akol near the Kiir River, also known as the Bahr al-Arab.

The official said that ‘a huge number’ of cattle arrived to Northern Bahr al Ghazal State and now a committee has been formed to find out how many cattle and sheep have arived, per the agreement signed.

Manut also mentioned that arriving cattle are to be vaccinated in order to prevent them from getting diseases or spreading them to the cattle of southerners.

“We agreed with them last time that they should come to South Sudan unarmed and they are also given a timeline for leaving South Sudan, which is June of this year. Should they stay here beyond that timeline, they must explain to us or if they leave before that time, they must also explain,” he said.

The official also admitted that cross-border trade to South Kordofan is continuing, carried out by smugglers on motorcycles. He noted that late last month one northern trader was killed by the Sudanese army.

Another upcoming conference is being planned. Misseriya leaders have been asked to submit hundreds of names of participants from different clans. The US Agency for International Development will pay the transportation costs to bring them to the meeting in Aweil.