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Aweil - 23 Feb 2012

Misseriya and Dinka form 'peace committees'

The conference on peaceful coexistence between the Misseriya and Dinka Malwal ended today in Aweil, Northern Bahr Al Ghazal, South Sudan.

The meeting was well attended by a wide demographic from both ethnic groups.

Participants decided to form peace committees comprising of women and youth representatives from both groups, to create stronger links amongst communities in the border states of Sudan and South Sudan.

The two groups iiving either side of the border have historical links and mutual interests, but have been affected by tensions near the border, and reportedly armed by the governments of both countries. 

The Misseriya migrate south annually during their cattle's grazing season from South Kordofan, entering the area where the Dinka Malwal reside.

Head of the Misseriya delegation Adam Abdul Rahman, told Radio Tamazuj the conference also recommended to form joint bodies between young men and women of both groups, to monitor the work of the peace committees.

He added 'the two groups will leave the question of demarcation of borders to the Khartoum and Juba governments.'