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BABANUSA - 17 Sep 2015

Misseriya-Rizeigat peace conference comes up with tough resolutions

A peace conference between the Misseriya and Rizeigat tribes concluded Monday in Babanusa town in Sudan’s West Kordofan State with tough penalties toward anyone who violates their agreements.

Ibrahim Musa Al Dikheri, member of the peace conference which brought together the Al Fayarin clan of the Misseriya and Awlad Hamad of the Rizeigat, told Radio Tamazuj that whoever kills someone from the other side will pay 250,000 Sudanese pounds as a fine in addition to other costs ordered by court ruling.

Ibrahim said a fine of 100,000 Sudanese pounds will be paid by whoever steals, besides the recovery of stolen items.

He said former Member of Parliament Ahmed Saleh Salouha and businessman Abdul-Rahman Al Fahim sponsored the payment of blood money and compensation for wounded people from both sides who suffered in recent conflicts.

Still, several activists from the area said the mechanisms to be used in the implementation of the resolutions are weak. They stressed the need to develop the conflict-affected areas and collect firearms from feuding tribes.