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AKOBO - 14 Feb 2020

More than 6,000 people flee Akobo State: official

The deteriorating humanitarian situation in some parts of South Sudan’s Akobo State has forced at least 6,000 people to flee to neighbouring Bieh State, authorities said.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday, the state governor, Timothy Taban Juc, said the locals from Walgak, Kaykuiny and Bwang areas started arriving into Waat town of Bieh State.

“Most of them are women, children and the elderly. They are now in Waat town without food, shelter and medicines,” said Taban.

“Those displaced people fled hunger in Akobo West areas of Walgak, Kaykuiny and Bwang. Also, there has been insecurity caused by the neighboring Murle community since December,” he added.

Taban further warned of possible starvation in Lou Nuer areas this year. “There were no harvests in the entire state last year due to floods. Cattle have been dying and the whole Akobo is cut off from the rest of the country via road,” he stressed.

William Koang, the state health minister, said lack of medicine has seen a rise in malaria, typhoid and appendicitis cases.

He urged the national government and humanitarian organizations to intervene.