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Abeimnom - 12 Apr 2012

MSF treats victims of air strikes in Unity State

The international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said in a press release it is treating patients wounded during aerial bombardments of Abiemnom, Unity state, South Sudan.

The hospital of MSF in Agok, 36 kilometers east of Abiemnon, received three wounded children and one injured woman. The victims had severe wounds that required surgery. MSF announced all of them are now in stable conditon.

40 other wounded victims of the bombardments are transferred to the Ministry's of Health medical centre in Abiemnon. MSF donated drugs and equipmen to this hospital.

MSF's head of mission in Juba, Emmanuel Roussier, said the population is on the frontline: 'Emergencies are unfolding one after another'.

On Thursday morning, a Sudanese warplane reportedly bombed an area south of Bentiu, the capital of the Unity State, killing one person.