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JUBA - 11 Jan 2021

No power shutdown in Juba, JEDCO assures

The Juba Electricity Distribution Company, JEDCO, has announced this evening that the planned shutdown of Juba power has been halted after government intervention. 

“A last-minute solution has been found to stop plans by the Ezra Construction and Development Group to shut down the Juba power plant," a statement from JEDCO declares.

JEDCO had earlier announced plans to cut off power supply starting tomorrow, Tuesday until further notice.

According to the statement, the government intervened and the stakeholders are working to ensure Juba continues to enjoy a reliable power supply.

“Following this latest intervention, the Juba Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO) will NOT disrupt any of its services and will continue to provide all its customers with a safe and reliable electricity supply,” the statement continued.

JEDCO while threatening to shut down the power supply in Juba claimed that the government had not provided foreign currency the foreign currency required to make long-overdue payments for the bulk energy Ezra Construction and Development Group supplies to JEDCO.

The company says it has already connected more than 9,000 households, 3,000 businesses, and 200 governmental institutions to the grid.