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RASHAD - 8 Feb 2013

Nuba education office starts English curriculum in Rashad, New Tagali

The Nuba Mountains Regional Education Office is sending teachers to Rashad and New Tagali, newly SPLM-N controlled territories, to open schools following the New Sudan curriculum in English.

This was reported yesterday by the Sudan Catholic Radio Network, which has a radio station in the Nuba Mountains near Kauda.

Education Capacity Building Director Magboul Kheir-Elseed visited the areas recently and said some of the schools have already been opened. He explained that the initiative enables the children in those areas to follow the New Sudan English Curriculum.

He added that the visit was requested by the commissioners of the two counties who wanted the new curriculum to be introduced in the areas. He added that he conducted a workshop in Rashad County last month and more than 70 teachers were trained to open new schools using the New Sudan school programme.

Mr Kheir-Elseed said more English teachers will be sent to Rashad and New Tagali. The Regional Education Ministry is planning to reopen a Teachers’ Training College this month in Nuba Mountains.