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BENTIU - 12 Apr 2012

One killed in bombing south of Bentiu

A Sudanese warplane bombed Thursday morning an area south of Bentiu, the capital of the Unity State, killing one person.

James Puoy, Commissioner of Guit County, said that a white Antonov bomber dropped six bombs at 6:30 a.m. Thursday morning.  One bomb landed in a place called Kach, three fell on Than village, and two in an area called Kaja. 

One man was killed in Than village, he said. Another eyewitness confirmed to Radio Tamazuj seeing the bomb craters and the man who was killed.

No homes were destroyed but the two bombs that landed in Kaja village caused damage to crops there.

 “I don’t understand,” said the commissioner, “this is a civilian area.” There are no oil fields near where the bombs landed. The commissioner speculated that the bomber may have been intending to hit Bentiu town.

He added also that the only permanent structures in the area are two state-owned warehouses where the World Food Programme is keeping stores. The two bombs that hit Kach landed in the vicinity of the warehouses, but not too close.

There is also a South Sudan army base reported to be near where the bombs fell.