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TORIT EAST - 30 Sep 2019

Opposition forces receive registration forms in Torit East

The Joint Military Ceasefire Commission (JMCC) on Thursday delivered forms for registration and screening of SPLA-IO troops and South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) forces in the Nyara cantonment site of Torit West County.

Speaking at the site, the area JMCC team leader, Brig. Gen. Kornelio Abele Lomilomoi said they had delivered forms for the registration process.

Abele further said military forces in Nyara and Irube areas will remain in their respective places until registration and screening processes are completed.

“Starting from me, my deputy to the end, we will be here and nobody will go back without orders from above. We are here to fill your forms and it will be good if all of you understood the process,” he said.

Lt. Col. Dominic Odemi Maring, a member of the JMCC, told the opposition forces that those with criminal records would not be allowed to fill the form.

“I want to briefly tell you the procedures of filling these forms, you must be a South Sudanese, 18 years and above, of sound mind, free from crime record and be in the military, not a politician,” he explained.

Maring, who represented the SPLA-IO, also cautioned the SSPDF forces and the other organized forces still active in the Juba government to desist from filling the form in the name of the SPLA-IO.

For his part, the SPLA-IO deputy commander for sector 9, Major General Benjamin John Batista advised the forces to provide their accurate details. “Those who are around will fill and those who have not come, we will wait until they fill the form. Remember to remain around, don’t move anyhow without permission as if you are a civilian,” Batista said.

The senior commander further said poor health facilities, lack of shelters and food shortages are some of the challenges at the cantonment site.

Gen. Abdalla Ali Oromo, a member of the Joint Defence Board (JDB), also admitted that the forces at the site need shelter and food. “My message to the forces in the cantonment area is the agreement. We have spoken a lot about the peace which will end our suffering so that we stay like those in other countries,” he noted.

Last month, the parties to the peace deal resolved that at least 50% of the 83,000 necessary unified forces should be trained and deployed before the end of September.

A face-to-face meeting between President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar earlier this month resolved to find solutions to pending issues holding up the formation of a transitional government proposed for 12 November.