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MARIDI - 24 Nov 2019

Parents in Maridi urged to send children to school

A civil society activist in Maridi State has urged parents and authorities to ensure that all children are enrolled in schools by 2020.

Speaking during a civil society engagement meeting held in Maridi town on Friday, Emmanuel Loda, a local civil society activist, accused lawmakers and community leaders of ignoring rights of children in society.

“All we see are children selling goods in Maridi during school hours.  Parents buy for them wheelbarrows and goods and expect them to replace them in future,” he said.

Loda called on the state parliamentary committee for education to focus on the quality of education and trained teachers.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Zandeno, the inter-church representative urged MPs to pass a local order that can protect children, in accordance with the Child Act of South Sudan.

Wilson Maburu, a representative of local chiefs, said most of the children found on streets are raised by single parents.

“Men too need to take their responsibilities to avoid child labour. Why children are sent to the market with bananas instead of sending them to schools? We are ready to arrest such parents in the academic year of 2020,” Wilson stressed.

It was agreed at the meeting that awareness be created on importance of education in the state. Chiefs, civil society activists and church leaders attended the meeting.