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YEI - 11 Oct 2019

Peace and reconciliation conference held in Yei

A three-day peace and reconciliation conference for communities in Yei River State ended on Wednesday.

Speaking during the opening of the conference on Monday, the Episcopal Bishop of Yei diocese, Hillary Luate Adeba emphasized the need to promote peace and reconciliation at the community level.

“I hope we are left with the space to speak without intimidation and arrest because it’s going to pain some people. Let’s not forget the bad issues including the war in Yei, the killings, raping and looting affecting the people,” Luate said.

He added, “We are here to reconcile, I don’t know whether the victims and perpetrators are here so that reconciliation works well”.

For his part, the state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony urged participants to speak freely so as to restore peace and stability in Yei.

 “I want all of you to speak without fear. We have invited the security agencies to also attend this conference. I want all of you to speak all the issues affecting peace and stability in Yei River State so that together we can implement the resolutions that will come at the end of this peace conference,” he stressed.

The event was organized by the Civil Affairs Division of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in collaboration with the state government under the theme, “Let’s set the agenda for a better tomorrow”.

One of the areas badly affected by South Sudan’s civil war, Yei has witnessed human rights violations and massive displacement since 2016.