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Peace conference between Dinka Malual and Misseriya in limbo after killing

A peace conference scheduled to take place between Dinka Malual and Misseriya communities in Aweil East has been postponed after a Misseriya tribesperson was killed two weeks ago.

Each year the leaders of the two communities meet in the last week of May to review resolutions and to settle complains before Misseriya cattle keepers return back to Sudan.

“The meeting will not take place because there was a Misseriya man killed at Machar Akoon. Some Misseriya men are demanding that blood compensation must be paid or they will not attend the conference,” Regional Peace and Conflict Adviser for VISTAS Sylvester Dut said in an interview with Radio Tamazuj on Thursday.

Dut urged members of Misseriya peace committee to attend the conference.

“I think if we cannot do the conference this weekend or next week then there is no chance again as the 6th of June will be beginning the Ramadan and I believe during Ramadan period the Misseriya will not make it to attend meeting,” Dut said.

File photo: Dinka Malual and Rizeigat chiefs and former governor Kuel  Aguer at a peace conference at Nyamlel, Aweil West county

Notice of Correction: This article included a number of spelling errors including the name of the USAID-funded program VISTAS.