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PIBOR - 8 Sep 2015

Pibor Administration calls for halt to cattle raiding, killing

Sam David, the spokesman of the semi-autonomous Greater Pibor Administrative Area, has called for a halt to bloodshed after two recent incidents resulting in two dead and an unconfirmed number of cattle raided.

He said that an attack on 2 September left one person dead and a number of cattle unaccounted for in Marou County. The official also reported that one person was also killed in Boma County on 29 August, without providing details.

Sam cited the lack of communications infrastructure in the area as a challenge. “We have no capacity to receive information from all our counties due to lack of communication networks," he said.

The official said some youths are still trying to recover the stolen cattle as the government calls for such incidents to stop.

"Such acts of cattle raiding and killing must stop," he added.